Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure


What about the length of your nails? Have you ever thought why the nails are uneven?

At lush beauty, we offer luxury manicure and spa pedicure treatments including cuticles soaked, pushed back, massage and finished with a colour of your choice and exfoliant to remove damaged skin cells to promote skin renewal and to help with age spots and pigmentation. We offer a high strength multi-vitamins masque and paraffin wax wrap whichhelpsp to increase circulation, desquamation of dead cells and softens the dry skin.


At Lush Beauty, We Offer


Express Manicure


Luxury manicure


File and polish £15

Polish only

Cut & File



Express Manicure with Shellac

Gel Removal


Gel Removal & File

File, Polish with Gel


Removal & Express Manicure Gel

Removal & Express Mani Gel


Express Spa Pedicure £26
Luxury Spa Pedicure £35

Express Pedi with Gel Polish

Luxury Pedicure with Gel


Removal & Express Pedi Gel

Gel Removal, Luxury Pedi Gel


Express Mani & Pedi Gel £62
Deluxe Mani & Pedi Gel £72

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