Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial


Are you desperate to find a solution to your skin problems? Are you looking for best skin care treatment?

Diamond Microdermabrasion is the perfect salon treatment as it delivers instant visible results. It treats a vast array of skin concerns like ageing skin, lines and wrinkles, open pores, sun damage, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars etc.

Non-surgical Facelift – Visible facelift results by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin, all treatments are recommended as a course between 10 to 12 treatments.

Led light therapy – a non-invasive skin treatment which accelerates the body’s own natural repair process to improve a poor complexion, signs of ageing, sunburn skin damage, pigmentation and overall skin health.

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